October 26, 2007


I have lots more to show you guys. More smocks, patchwork scarves, hair pins and some fabulous new-to-me vintage brooches. Unfortunately everything is "almost done" but not yet ready to photograph. And, I had minor surgery on my right shoulder this morning which has pretty much ruled out sewing or crafting of any kind that involves lifting my arm up for the next day or two. Frustrating, not being able to finish projects when I am so close. Fortunately there are many, many projects in my past that I can talk about in the meantime.

Take this sweater, for example. Adorable, isn't it? I gave it to my nephew for Christmas two years ago. However, I actually started making the sweater years before for another child. To be honest, I started it so long ago that I don't actually remember who the original recipient was supposed to be. My nephew wasn't even a glimmer in the eyes of my brother and sister-in-law when the yarn was purchased and the knitting began. It took me so long to knit, that by the time I had all the pieces finished the child it was intended for had to have been in kindergarten. So I didn't even put the sweater together; I just tucked the pieces away and forgot about it. The storage box survived seven moves in two countries (it now has a green card).

Then my nephew came along and I remembered this pattern and decided to dig it up so I could make him a "hands up" sweater for Christmas. Was I surprised to find a nearly completed sweater in the right size! An evening or two was spent sewing the seams and adding a rolled edge at the neck and waist. Good thing, too, as I didn't actually look for the pattern until early December. And you know what? There was another partially knit sweater in the box with this one, same pattern, different colors. I'm sure someone will come along in a year or two who needs a sweater. By golly, I'll be ready.

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