February 4, 2011

The Food

1. Eat a dozen oysters with a glass of champagne
2. Start a Sunday Supper Club
3. Take a cooking class (done!)
4. Have dinner at Menton (done!)
5. Pick raspberries or blueberries or both
6. Eat at The Butcher Shop
7. Check out Flour
8. Assemble the liquors for the perfect classic cocktail bar
9. Give Coppa Enoteca another try (done!)
10. Make ricotta
11. Make mozzarella
12. Make cassoulet
13. Make mayonnaise
14. Make bagels
15. Make chocolate babka from The Craft of Baking
16. Make crepes
17. Make croissants
18. Make Chocolate Coffee Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache from Baked Explorations
19. Make doughnuts
20. Make whoopie pies (done!)

Part of the 2011 in Lists Project

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