February 7, 2011

The Nest

1. Fill up my lovely address file
2. Refinish the coffee table
3. Find the perfect old or new china cabinet/pantry for the kitchen (looking..)
4. Find the perfect old or new chairs for the living room
5. Find the perfect old or new side table for the living room
6. Get floor lamps for the living room (got one!)
7. Fill the couch with awesome pillows (made two!)
8. Tame the fabric scrap basket (done!)
9. Plant a succulent
10. Update the bathroom accessories (in progress!)

Part of the 2011 in Lists Project

1 comment:

La MaƱosa said...

I'm liking all of your lists so far but I especially like this one! Maybe I should make a Nest List, as well! So far, it is only in my head, but like you, one of the things on my list is more pillows!