November 14, 2007

Big Dots

I do believe it is the season of the polka dot at Funky & Delightful. Elise has chosen to wear hers. Soon my couch will be donning dots of its own. I have slowly been piecing together strips of fabric to make Amy Butler's Big Dot Pillow featured on the cover of her book In Stitches. Not a single piece of new fabric was purchased. I made use of my overflowing scrap basket, using fabric found in various projects around my home. Featured are fabrics that have dressed my windows, made flea market chairs fabulous once again, covered tables, skirted my bed, and provided protection for messy cooks. I plan to make some changes to Amy's pattern. My pillows will be slightly smaller, just 24" square rather than 28" square. Her local shops must carry a better selection of pillow forms than mine do. I'm also thinking of using four patchwork dots per pillow instead of the nine she used. Who knows? Perhaps I'll go a little crazy and have five dots on one pillow and four on another.

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