November 16, 2007

Conquest of the Zipper

For a long time I feared the zipper. I rationalized my fear by convincing myself I wasn't missing anything by not using zippers in my projects. Whatever a zipper could do could be accomplished by a magentic snap, a drawstring, or a strip of velcro. Then along came Amy Karol's book Bend the Rules Sewing. For the first time I really believed that sewing a zipper was something I could do, no special skills required. With Amy's instructions by my side I set about designing my own zippered pouch. I loved the shape and pleating of my frenchy bag so that is what I had to create. Of course, it had to be in coordinating fabric. I was nervous as I sat before my sewing machine. Approximately three minutes later I had very successfully sewn in my first zipper. All that fear and worrying for something that ended up being one of the easiest things I've done. Now a whole new world has opened up before me. I could have a whole closet full of skirts, bags with zippered interior pockets, and other fabulous things not yet imagined. I wish I could say that this experience has taught me to believe in my skills and fear nothing. However, I still fear the buttonhole.

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Elise said...

Now we have to find a use for that bag full of zippers we got at the flea market last summer.