November 4, 2007

Etsy Art

I found this great frame at the September edition of the Brimfield flea market. For the bargain price of $10 it, along with a vintage Baby Ben alarm clock, came home with me. At the time I had no idea what the frame would showcase. That was until I finally made my first Etsy purchase last month, a letterpress print from greenchairpress entitled "A Madness Well Restrained". I was drawn to the simple colors and random arrangement of the numbers. I also knew it would look fabulous in my living room in my new-to-me frame.
With the work of the craft fair behind me I had time to attack my custom framing project today. The first order of business was getting rid of the badly stained inner fabric mat. A few whacks with the hammer and it was gone. I then made my own custom double mat from two standard sized mats. After some careful positioning of the print within the mats I was ready to hang my new masterpiece. I love that it is a limited edition piece of art by a fellow crafts woman in a completely unique frame all put together by me.

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