November 6, 2007

Holiday Craft Planning

After all the crafting in preparation for the craft fair I wasn't sure I had more crafts in me this year. That was Saturday and then an extra hour of sleep came on Sunday. After whipping up some mini-loaves of pumpkin-cranberry bread where did I go to wait out the timer? My "studio" of course! I started pulling together the fabrics for my first holiday craft project. I'm not ready to unveil the details but have a look at my fabric choices for phase one of this gift. Oh, it's going to be good! I hope she loves it! (That's the only hint you're getting.)

Well, that's one present but what about all the other special people in my life? While reading my usual list of favorite blogs I ended up in some blog places I'd not been before and next thing I know I've landed on the blog of the fanstastic Sew, Mama, Sew fabric shop. It was a wonderful stroke of luck. Each day in November they unveil a new topic with links to tutorials provided by fellow crafters to help you celebrate Handmade Holidays. I've already jotted down a few I must make for presents I mean.

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