November 20, 2007

They say it's your birthday, and your birthday too

Today is my youngest brothers' birthday. Here is a picture of a cake I baked when they turned two (I was nearly nine). It was the Circus Cake from a cake decorating book I got through my school book sale. Evidently we had a Polaroid camera at the time.
N is the older twin. It looks like he's on his second piece of cake. He grew up to be a fireman and a real estate mogul. Who would have guessed? Note the bibs that my mom made out of old towels.
T is the younger one. He turned out to be the tallest and very good with money. Many a girl has fallen prey to those dimples. Hmm, we usually had chocolate cake for birthdays, but this one looks like it was chocolate chip.
And here we all are, including the woman who used to babysit us, but minus Mom who is taking the picture.

Happy Birthday N & T!

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Nicola said...

Those are so funny! They will love it! I am having Nils for dinner tonight. I am baking him a Black Forest cake. Can't see it being as good as the Carnival cake, but I don't do baking!