March 28, 2008

A shopping story

I was minding my own business, checking a few blogs and thinking about what I'm going to make this weekend, when suddenly I remembered I needed to buy one of these. I clicked right on over to the Oliver & S website and put one in my cart. Then, realizing how much shipping was going to be, I quickly canceled the order because my cheapskate self wouldn't let me spend $5 to mail a single paper pattern. That's almost 40% of the price of the pattern, no way was I going to spend that.

So I dashed over here, thinking I might find a piece of fabric I didn't know I needed and the combined shipping would be a better deal. Imagine my delight upon discovering that Heather Ross has a new line of fabric in that great cotton/linen Japanese blend that is so nice to work with.
Racecars and Rabbits
Race cars! Just when I was looking for some fabric suitable for boy baby gifts: a quilt, some appliqu├ęd onsies, possibly a pair of overalls. "I'd better make sure I get enough," I thought to myself, "those half yards never go as far as I want them to."
Yes, better to get a little extra, and maybe some of this as well for good measure. Heaven knows there is never enough green flowered fabric around when one needs it.

That is the story of how I turned my reluctance to spend $5 for shipping into a substantial economic stimulus package of my very own making. The end.

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The List Writer said...

Oh, goodness. I have just done the EXACT same thing. It usually starts with me thinking that Etsy will be a cheaper place to buy fabric and ends with lots of parcels through the door the following week.