April 1, 2008

Doll quilt swap

red coat
The lovely and talented Mortimer's Mom of Ubercrafty is hosting a doll quilt swap and guess who signed up. Me, of course! It's very exciting, I've never been involved in a swap before. And having just re-discovered the trunk full of doll clothes made by my mom I'm all about the littles. Everyone seems to be making doll quilts these days and I love them. Not that I've made one myself, but that will soon change. The swap is open to everyone who signs up by April 7th, you should check it out too.

Outfit above made my my mom, circa 1972. I'm pretty sure we had curtains made of the same fabric. Very chic, don't you think?

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Mortimer's Mom said...

That outfit is outragously cute! Was that for a doll or a baby? Because I would die to see a picture of a kid in that. TOO STYLISH! the cap! Oh my, just delicious. My girls would simply kill me, but I think the dresses I just made are crying of a matching cap.
and thanks for the link. hopefully we can get a few more funky and delightful gals to join us.