May 5, 2008

At Piece (or Top That)

Hop, Skip, & A Jump Quilt Top

Pardon the (bad) quilt humor after my long absence. More than a week ago I finished piecing the twelve blocks and assembling the quilt top. Oddly enough I had two very different feelings at this point. I felt at peace for having conquered a major portion of my first quilt. It was very similar to the feeling I have after leaving the perfect yoga class. The other feeling was more akin to the end zone dances seen in football. Take that quilt top! You’ve got nothing on me!

Well, that feeling of cockiness was shortlived. It was replaced by dread and fear. I spent most of last week avoiding the actual quilting of the layers. I was a bit paralyzed by the fear that this might be the step where I ruined everything. Dramatic? Well, yes. However, this often happens to me the first time I attempt a new project.

With only a few hours left in the weekend I sat myself before my sewing machine with pinned quilt layers in hand. Quilting in straight lines in 1.5" increments I worked from the center to one side and then worked from the center to the other side. I'm happy, and relieved, to say it worked easily and perfectly. I didn't even have to stay up past my bed time.

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