June 12, 2008

Happy Feet

Something other than a bill or junk mail making an appearance in my mailbox constitutes a good mail day. Yesterday happened to be an exceptional mail day. My walking foot arrived!

After my great experience with quilting the Hop, Skip, & A Jump quilt without a walking foot I had pushed the thought of buying one to the back of my mind. That thought lasted until the sales flyer from my Bernina dealer showed up. They were celebrating their 26th anniversary by offering me 26% off. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity. The next day I was on the phone ordering one. They were even nice enough to ship it to me for only $2 since I live more than an hour from their store.

Happy Feet

The walking foot joins another recent foot purchase, a gathering foot. The time at the flea market may have been a bust but the fact that a Bernina sewing center was directly across the street more than made up for it. Luckily, my hot and tired family indulged my request to stop in for a quick peak. And quick it was as I zeroed in on that gathering foot.

I have no immediate plans for it. I just know I hate the process of putting in two rows of basting stitches, trying to pull in gathers across the entire piece, and finally attaching it to my fabric. Now I will be so efficient since my gathering foot does it all in one little step. It makes my $28 investment priceless.

Hard to argue with the logic of those great deals, right?

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