June 25, 2008

Matte Art

At least once a week for the last several months I have been eyeing prints in Matte Stephen’s etsy shop. It was the double sided Vivienne beehive print that first caught my eye. I just loved that great pile of pink hair with the toothy happy and sad girl beneath it. For some reason, though, I held off on buying her.

New Double sided Vivienne

Then one day the new double sided Vivienne print found its way into the shop and across my screen. I immediately loved this print. The blonde flippy hair, shiny cheeks, and expressions of petulance and utter joy are perfect. She is me on any given morning.

That is why I love art. Meaning is so personal and can never be right or wrong. You just love it and know that it has to come live with you. So it was that after many, many views the new double sided Vivienne finally came to be added to my etsy cart last week. I'm so glad I did.

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