June 8, 2008

That's better

I needed to counteract my first flea market visit of this year. I did that by heading to my local flea market this morning. It's not perfect. There are several imported goods booths near the entrance but over 90% of the market is good old fashioned junk. Just what I was looking for.

Perfect Etiquette Mosaic

My first find of the morning was this vintage etiquette book titled Perfect Etiquette: Arlington Edition published in 1872, 1875. It was mine for $5. The book is divided into four sub-books the first of which is called Perfect Etiquette; or, How to Behave in Society. A Complete Manual for Ladies and Gentleman. This section contains helpful advice on such matters as making introductions, conversation, making and receiving presents, and courting.

The second sub-book is called Bashfulness Cured: Ease and Elegance of Manner Quickly Gained. It was from this section I pulled the illustration above with the helpful advice to bashful suitors "Rather than be a basful, blushing, stuttering booby, it would be much better for a young man to be over-confident and bold." Well, there you have it.

The third sub-book is Personal Beauty; The Whole Art of Attaining Bodily Vigor, Physical Development, Beauty of Feature and Symmetry of Form. Not only does this contain advice on the proper way to brush one's teeth, take a bath, and dress it provides recipes for home remedies. You will find recipes for face washes, wrinkles, hair-curling fluid and more.

Finally, the last sub-book is How to Write a Letter. A Complete Letter-Writer, For Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a lost art for sure that we'd all do well to re-visit. This section probably contains the most currently relevant information: grammar, spelling, punctuation. Also, a lost art!

Thrifted Glass Mosaic

My biggest score of the day was three pieces of glassware for $2. It included what could be a vase, a small glass, and sugar bowl. Or perhaps they are a decanter, pencil holder, and condiment bowl. The possibilities will only be limited by my imagination.

Girl Alive Mosaic

Next it was another book for just $1. This one, published in 1947, is Girl Alive! A book of helpful suggestions for girls who want to make the most of their teens. In Part I: Your Person, young girls are instructed in the proper hairstyle for their face shape, dressing for their figure, and appropriate colors for their complexion. Moving on to Part II: You and Your World, girls are instructed in dealing with friends, home life, and the all important subject of boys.

Vintage Buttons

The final score of the day was two pair of vintage buttons for the price of $2. The lady selling these buttons was much sweeter than the first guy I came across selling buttons. I was rumaging through his bowl of buttons when he informed me he was not selling buttons, he was selling containers. Confused I asked him what that meant. It apparently meant that he was trying to sell the entire small container of mostly non-descript white buttons for the high price of $12. I thanked him and moved on. My patience paid off by finding the beauties above.

Small Painted Hutch

Vintage Metal Hamper

Rounding out the day were two finds that fall into the "if only" category. The first piece was small-ish pale blue painted hutch that I immediately envisioned in a little girl's room. It would make a perfect pantry for her play-sized kitchen or changing table for her doll collection. If only Miss Lou were closer or shipping were cheaper. The second piece was a vintage metal hamper painted in a pale green. If only my bathroom were larger this would have been mine.

I definitely improved upon my first flea market visit of the year. I had a glorious morning for only $10 and two hours of time. I can't wait to do it again!

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