June 26, 2008

There are boy babies too

fish suit back
Lately it seems like I've only been sewing for little girls. Which is wonderful, but little boys need great clothes too, don't they? Fortunately one of my coworkers just became a first time grandmother and commissioned some things for her new grandson. Of course I made an Oliver & S playsuit; I cannot get enough of these patterns. It turns out little Isaac isn't so little, weighing in a 9.5 pounds, so I hope it fits!
fish suit front detail
I used another favorite Heather Ross fabric that I will commence hoarding for those extra-special projects now that it's been discontinued (sob). Those mermaids had better be worth giving up the goldfish and hippie buses for, that's all I'm saying.
onsies 2
I also embellished a few onsies, some for the new arrival and a few extras to stock the gift cupboard. My hypothetical future gift cupboard, that is. There is going to be some serious re-organizing and redecorating of my craft area this summer, stay tuned.

Oh, just in case you decide to make some of these onsies, both the machine stitched and hand stitched versions hold up well to washing. Just turn them inside-out to when you put them in the dryer.

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Liesl said...

Oh, it turned out great! Nice photos and fabric.