July 14, 2008

Christmas in July

Not really, I just couldn't figure out how to tie in a photo of me opening my Christmas stocking in 1972 to Bastille Day. I happened to be in New York City for July 14th a few years ago and had dinner with some friends at a little bistro that was quite festive. We drank Lillet and ate moules frites and even managed to order in French which was slightly thrilling.

Any-hoo, back to my toddler days and point of this post. My mom sewed a lot for us when we were kids; clothes, costumes, curtains and even doll clothes as evidenced here. I loved my dolls and loved their pint-sized outfits, accessories and furniture. I still have my mom's doll trunk from when she was a little girl packed with what remains of my doll wardrobe. Most things she made but I did find a couple of items that still have their "Made in Hong Kong" tag on them. I've posted them all to the Vintage Doll Clothes Flickr group and to Craftilineage which is an awesome collection of photos of things made by family members prior to 1980. Check them out, there's some awesome stuff there as well as a few cringe-worthy photos of 1970s fashion.

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