August 6, 2008

Funky & Delightful: the early years

The early years
Look what I found: the earliest known photo of Tory and me as co-crafters, circa 2005. We had just returned from a marathon shopping trip to buy supplies for our very first craft fair. This was before we had discovered the holy trinity of fabric designers and we were searching for the cheapest possible fabric to make some aprons to sell at the holiday craft fair held at our place of employment. Did you know we have day jobs? And we've literally worked side-by-side for going on eight years? There have been a lot of cups of tea consumed, let me tell you.

Don't forget to leave Tory a comment congratulating her on her 100th post. The tote she is offering up for her give away is just lovely. She made several for our last craft fair and they were very popular. It's a steal, people: go tell all your friends.

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randi---i have to say said...

The holy trinity of fabric designers---that about describes it, doesn't it!

It is fun to have a friend to craft with. My friend Ruth and I have a sewing day every other week and it is nice to chat and craft and have fun!