September 21, 2008

Knitting is my new superpower

talk to the hand
I was inspired by this week's superhero photo challenge to take some fun shots of myself modelling my new hand warmers. Hand warmers that I knit from the pattern in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts using some ancient Briggs & Little wool that I found in my knitting basket (I rarely knit, yet it seems that I am hoarding yarn). After my last marathon knitting project I needed something quick and easy to get my confidence back. These were definitely the ticket: I completed the pair in three evenings. They were a hit with my husband too and I had to make a run to my local knitting shop to get some Sublime cashmere silk to make him a pair in his requested color of sage green. One is done and it is sooo soft and yummy that I might need a pair too.
Last week I also received Knitting for Baby and have already completed a pair of the stay-on baby booties that I saw on Soulemama. This is my first "practice" pair and I have to say that this pattern gets an A+ for clear instructions and ease. Looking through the book I think it's actually got a lot of cute patterns that look quick and easy and I'm definitely going to try others. Their how-to-knit instructions and diagrams are also very helpful, I can see a novice knitter picking up this book and learning to knit without much frustration. Definitely a winner.

Squam update coming. I'm still processing the experience of the day and photos.

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gruenetree said...

Those are some of my favorite handwarmers to knit. I have made a pair 3 years running for christmas presents. Those booties are super cute too. I will have to make a few pairs of those. Great pictures