June 17, 2009

Lazy Days & Appliques

Now how about some happy sewing news?

I’ve had the lazy days skirt from Oliver + S bookmarked since it was first posted. I honestly don’t know why I waited so long. What a breeze to put together. And so satisfying! Within an hour I’d turned my first half-yard of fabric into the cutest, little skirt I’d ever seen. Why stop there? Aren’t two skirts better than one?

lazy days skirt + applique t-shirt

I honestly could have sewn Little Miss Lou a skirt for each day of summer. Before I got too out of control sewing up skirts I realized I’d probably better do something about the top half. Enter the appliquéd T-shirt. One T got a simple flower, power applique; I love how it feels like the 1970’s made modern. The other T got a simple 4-square applique; this one feels like July 4th on the beach to me. Ahhh, summer.

lazy days skirt + applique t-shirt

Now I can’t help but wonder…can a 32 year old adult woman get away with a lazy days skirt and applique T? Wait. Don’t answer that. I might not be able to bear all that honesty. Perhaps I should just leave it to little, blonde 4 year olds.

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