July 7, 2009

Shop Brimfield

Elise and I first shopped Brimfield together five years ago. It was a Saturday in May. It was hot, with temperatures well over 90. And it was packed both with people and things.

Our experience this past May could not have been more different. The temperature was more in line with what you’d expect for May. So where were the people and where were the things? Once we got past the vendors lined up directly along the road we found that field after field was empty, of both shoppers and vendors. It was kind of sad to see it so sparse.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to find a few small treasures. Check out my cool vintage tin! The bottom is stamped with Made in Holland. Its previous owner was using it to store hummingbird food, or so said the piece of paper taped to the outside. It will now either find work in my kitchen or den making boring storage more interesting.

vintage tin

My other little treasure is a sterling silver serving piece. In my book it’s a pie server but I don’t if that is technically correct. When I first found this beauty it was tarnished and sad, sitting in a wooden drawer of other neglected things. It cleaned up beautifully and is now ready for a summer of fruit pies.

pie server

What did I pay for these finds, you’re asking? A grand total of $7. They were originally marked at a total of $9, but I drove a hard bargain.

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