March 17, 2011

My Shame

If any of you were big fans of the show Friends you’ll understand this analogy. My fabric scrap basic is like Monica’s secret locked closet of junk. You see, Monica and I are very tidy people but we have a little secret we hide behind a door. Her secret involved the inability to get rid of anything but mine just involves the inability to get rid of any little scrap of pretty fabric. Until it got completely out of control, that is.

the scrap basket

See that photo up there? It doesn’t look so bad. What I’m not showing you, though, are all the piles that had found their way to the bottom of the closet floor. As a tidy person with a tiny house, it was driving me crazy!

I had to be ruthless. I pulled every scrap bit out of the closet and onto the floor and set myself in the middle of it. (It was a totally rockin’ Saturday night.) If I didn’t absolutely love it, it went into the garbage bag. What I ended up with was a totally manageable basket and nothing on the floor. The sweet success of a bit of organizing!

Now to find projects that use up my best scrap pieces. I’ve been thinking about making some doll quilts and maybe tackling some paper pieced hexagons. How do you use the bits you can’t bear to toss?

Number 8 on The Nest List

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