June 15, 2011

You can't win them all

Little Miss Bee is the best mama to her baby dolls. Each and every night they get a bottle before being tucked into bed. They then get a bed time story “read” to them. Before Bee heads off to bed herself, she pats them on the back and tells them good night. Super sweet, right?

When I saw the pattern for the doll carrier in the Oliver + S book I thought it would be perfect for the little mama. I phoned my sister and started describing it to her. I was barely two sentences in when she yelled out, “You HAVE to make that for Bee. She is driving me crazy with the one we’ve tried to fashion. It doesn’t work.” Auntie to the rescue!

doll carrier

Well, it turns out that Miss Bee wasn’t as sure about the doll carrier as her mommy and I had been. Upon seeing her most beloved baby doll strapped in she kept proclaiming, “Oh, no baby! Oh, no!” And then she refused to try it on. Harumph. But, I have high hopes that one day, when it is her own idea as they must be when you are two, she’ll be wearing it everywhere with baby safely strapped in.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!!!! What a complete shame. Hopefully she'll warm to it as it's so lovely. I have this on my to do list :-) I made a doll for my daughter's first birthday and just this week (she is now nearly three) she is inseparable from it