July 1, 2008

Quick Craft

In need of a mouse pad for my room-to-room roving laptop I made a quick no-sew version from fabric and cork. I thought I'd share the process in a first ever Funky & Delightful tutorial.

Step 1: Trace shape onto cork

Step 1: Cut out shape from cork

Trace and cut the desired shape from a piece of cork. My mouse pad is an 8” circle.

Step 2: Trace shape onto paper backing

Using the piece of cork as a template, trace the shape onto the paper backed side of double-sided fusible web. I used Heat ‘n’ Bond Ultra.

Step 3: Fuse web to wrong side of fabric

With fabric right side facing down and fusible web paper side up, fuse the web to the fabric following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Step 4: Cut out shape from fabric

Cut the shape from the fused fabric.

Step 5: Peel off paper backing

Remove the paper backing and position the fabric right side up on the cork.

Step 5: Fuse fabric to cork

Fuse the fabric to the cork according to the manufacturer's instructions. Place the finished piece under a stack of books for a few minutes as the glue cools to prevent curling and ensure a good bond.

Finished Mouse Pad

Get to clicking. You now have a custom mouse pad.

The same idea could easily be applied to cork backed coasters. Or elevate the idea into functional art. Pop cork backed fabric into flea market frames spray painted to coordinate with your fabric. Hang en masse anywhere you need to pin up notes, pieces of inspiration, or add a shot of color.


One Shabby Chick said...

I LOVE this! What a great tutorial. And I love the idea of making little message boards too! Thanks for posting this!

adrienne... said...

Cute project!
I have the same ironing board cover!

Christine said...

Just found your blog. Love the mouse pad and thanks for the tutorial - where did you get the corkboard?

coryshay said...

very cute idea!

Christine said...

This is so perfect-- I've been thinking about buying a new mouse pad that past few days and now I'll just make one!

Heather said...

what a fun idea! easy way to brighten up a dreary office space. thank you for sharing!

Sarah said...

Very inventive. I'm making one as soon as I can!

Michelle said...

What great ideas!!! I need more color around my office, so this is perfect. Thanks!

TexasWren said...

Really cute! I've been thinking I should do something about my mouse pad ever since I spilled a bottle of super glue on it. This would be so cute. Oh, and I can redo my bulletin board to match.

Julie said...

How cute! I just ordered a new laptop and can't wait to make a new mouse pad for my new computer! Thanks!

Rose said...

This is such a cool idea! I found a link for you on the makeitandloveit blog. Do you also know how to make the fabric flowers that are in your header? they're cute :)

Unknown said...

Talk about being crafty! That's so great!

The Office Stylist

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

WHAT DID you place under the cork board to prevent it from SLIDING on the desk when you move the mouse???

Melissa said...

Love, love this and am going to feature a link to your tutorial on my blog~these are so easy and cute!

Countrymom said...

Great idea! Now, how can I add a cushion for my sore wrist?

Sonia Facion said...


I love!!!!



Ann said...

I like this tutorial! It's so crafty - and original. I've had a hard time finding cork sheets to craft with. Any tips?
Thanks so much for sharing.
Ann in NC

sara@augustfields said...

this is such a fun craft and great gift idea :)

Tory said...

Ann - the cork I used was actually cork placemats from Ikea. I've also seen rolls and squares of cork at both Target and Staples. Hope that helps!


Peggy said...

I *never* would have thought to use double sided fusible! I'm so doing thing, like right now.

Gen @ Color Me Domestic said...

I am due for a new mouse pad, this would be so great! Thanks for the tutorial.