October 30, 2007

Final WIP

I can't believe it's almost here. In the final weekend before the craft fair I decided to add another project. Or as I like to think of it another product line. It just sounds like I know what I'm doing when really I'm just making stuff I know I'd love to buy or give as a gift. I present to you my "Modern Gal's Color Wheel". It's also titled "Wallets in Progress to Coordinate with Already Finished & Fabulous Totes".

My first wallet design was born of my partner's desire to have something crafted by me for him. (It would seem he had became slightly jealous of all the crafting going on around him for others.) His first two craft suggestions were shot down. I just couldn't see myself making a tie or a cumberbund, perhaps at another time. What we agreed on was a business card holder, the forefather of the above wallets. It is now his constant companion throughout the day. He assures me they will be a huge hit. I hope he's right otherwise he's going to be seeing a large assortment of them in his Christmas stocking. I'm sure he could pull off the pink floral.

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