October 14, 2007

Weekend progress

  • 5 buttons sewn onto clutches (9 done!)
  • 3 smocks cut out and ready to sew
  • new fabric was washed and ready for use
  • patchwork scarf plans in progress
  • vintage button supply replenished
Oh, and meet my new distraction.
We had a week of pea soup weather (cold & rainy) so I started a pea green project intended for a lovely little girl. I love casting on a new project. The promising sounds of the needles clicking as the rows of stitches build up and the shape of the garment emerges. There I sit with my pattern and a mound of skeins and all I have to think about is the next stitch. Peaceful.

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Anonymous said...

I love your new site girls! I have already posted it to "favourites" so I can check in and see what is new.

Good luck at the craft fair!