October 13, 2007


Saturday finds
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The weather has finally changed here in New England and the crisp fall air was just the inspiration I needed to think about some patchwork scarves. Super soft wool was purchased: these are going to be cozy. I can't wait to start pulling fabrics for the patchwork. One new print was purchased that might find it's way onto a scarf, but I managed to restrain myself. Fortunately there was a thrift store next door that distracted me, very convenient. I think there should be a law enacted mandating that all thrift and fabric stores be within a block of each other. I always head straight to the bed linens section. It's usually a pretty disappointing array of cartoon prints, but today was my lucky day and I found a lovely vintage pillowcase to add to my collection. And the bird tin - isn't it fabulous? A glorious fall day, successful thrifting, new fabric and a walk in the woods with my husband - a perfect Saturday.

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