November 29, 2007

Maps on the mind

Adjani's Quilt
Adjani's Quilt,
originally uploaded by mariss+drew.
I was wandering around Flickr looking for something fun and found this quilt. Isn't it awesome? You can see close-up photos here. I love the embroidered airplanes and the little red hearts on both sides of the ocean. Truly inspired.

And I am coveting this vintage classroom map. It's way too much money, but it would make a terrific window shade for my office. Can you bargain on etsy? Probably not, sigh. Speaking of classrooms, my exam is tomorrow evening so I really must run. Sadly this will be my last NaBloPoMo post as Tory is going to finish it off for us tomorrow. It's been fun - see you on the other side.

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mariss said...

No problem at all, I'm glad you like it! I really enjoyed making this for my friend :)