November 30, 2007

Date Night

Friday nights are the perfect date nights. After a long week there is very little interest in preparing a lovely meal for two. There is, however, a high level of interest in having a lovely meal for two. That is how we came to find ourselves at our local seafood restaurant.To make perusal of the menu an even easier task we started with glasses of red wine, Chianti for him and Malbec for her. It was while enjoying those first few sips of wine that my eyes landed on one of the dinner specials: Twin Maine Lobsters. I've been wondering how I might squeeze in a pre-Christmas trip to Portland and get everything on my To Do list done. But it looks like Portland came to me. Problem solved.
Next it was a stop next door at The Vin Bin where a Bordeaux tasting was in full swing. We had the nicest chat with the gentleman serving up the tastes and picked up a great tip. When serving up a younger wine always pour it into a decanter and let it sit for 45 minutes before partaking. It makes all the difference. And he had the most fabulous decanter. It was quite similar to this one. I just might need to get one.

Just two more doors down we finished our evening with dessert at Starbucks. The eggnog lattes are my drink of choice at this time of year but after 9pm I tend to limit my caffeine intake. I was also craving a hit of chocolate so I went with a peppermint hot chocolate. They also had samples of molasses cookies on the counter. They were a very nice balance of spicy and sweet. They even got the attention of my partner who tends not to feel the magentic pull of sweets that I do. I think I know what will be on the top of my holiday baking list now.

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