November 26, 2007

A Pink Christmas

Christmas decorating always began the day after Thanksgiving in my family. (If my mom could possibly wait that long, that is.) I've carried on that tradition in my own home as well. I love the cozy feel of the sparkling lights and glass ornaments with Christmas carols playing in the background. Then there is all the gift wrapping in perfectly coordinated papers and ribbons. The beautiful mound of presents under the tree is part of my incentive to have shopping and creating done as early as possible.
So with much excitement we set up our Christmas tree....and I hated it. I was in crisis mode. I quickly called mom who is trained for such catastrophes. "Lie down on the couch," she said, "and tell me what's wrong with what you're seeing." The problem is that it just looked so fake. Charlie Brown probably would have rejected it. After talking me down from the ledge she suggested I put on the ornaments that I truly loved and fill in the rest with some new finds. Perfect advice.
For some reason whenever I thought about Christmas this year pink was popping into my head. Pink was the perfect twist to add to my tree, a wonderful complement to my favorite wine and cream colored ornaments. Throw in some gold for sparkle and it just might work. So out I went to scoop up some pink and gold ornaments. I also added in some gold glittered initials, some ribbon in a cream and gold harlequin pattern, and a clearance rack throw turned tree skirt. Now I am in love!


Elise said...

I am so loving the pink. More pictures, we need more pictures!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how wise mothers are? When it comes to Christmas, I am truly the champ! Linus used his "blankie" to fix his Charlie Brown tree. Your addition of pink is so much prettier!