November 2, 2007

Taking Inventory

Tomorrow is our big day! We've been sewing machines for the last six weeks in preparation for our public debut. We're now down to the final touches, presentation and packaging. Luckily we love this part just as much as the actual crafting. There are some nerves simmering just below the surface though. Our fears run the spectrum. What if nobody likes anything we made??...TO....What if we didn't make enough?? Whatever the outcome we had so much fun in getting to this craft fair eve.

If there isn't any last minute crafting here is our inventory:
3 aprons, 12 bibs, 9 clutches, 7 sets of coasters, 16 sets of hair accessories, 3 journals, 10 key chains, 6 sets of magnets, 10 onesies, 6 scarves, 10 smocks, 12 totes, 14 wallets, and 2 very excited crafters!
See you tomorrow!


Suzi said...

Good Luck - hope it all goes well!


Kelly said...

As soon as we got home we excitedly pulled out our one-of-a-kind finds and thought about how to pair them and who might be lucky enough to receive them. Can't wait for you guys to have another show or start selling online. Already have 2 more buyers interested in "all things funky and delightful" as you put it.