December 10, 2007

Handmade for me

Guardian of the acorns
Handsome, isn't he? I picked him up from The Sweetest Pea folks Saturday at the SOWA Holiday Market, aka the best craft fair Tory and I have ever been to. Seriously, we were barely in the door when we started finding things to come home with us. Jewelry, handmade soft creatures, kid's t-shirts, hand-blown glass beads, hand-painted ceramic decorations: I could go on and on. Some of them will actually make it under other people's trees so I can't show too many photos at the moment. It was good, very, very good. After our last craft fair experience, it was refreshing to attend one where everything was actually handmade. They have a Sunday market in the summer months, so be sure to attend if you are planning a visit to Boston next year.

I can't decide exactly who this little guy is, but he seems to have found his raison d'etre as guardian of our acorn bowl:

Don't you love his curly tail?

Many purchases were made this weekend in addition to those at SOWA. I had to hit two Joann's stores to get supplies for some pillows I'm making for my mom. Not a fun thing to do three weeks before Christmas, but she picked out some great fabrics so it was worth it. I also paid a visit to Macy's to get a feather tree. The holiday section looked like it had been ransacked and they had not one tree of any shape or size left. I forced persuaded them to sell me the display model (although they now call them "visual" trees, anyone know why?), even though it required waiting 20 minutes for the tallest sales associate to climb a display to retrieve it from the top. Yeah, it was 9 am on a Sunday morning and he was not too happy about it. But the tree is now mine (evil laughter).

I have been wanting one of these for a long time so there was no way I was leaving without it. And with my coupon it was less than half the original price. Let the decorating begin.

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