December 11, 2007

It's a Big One!

Today is my partner's birthday, a big, important birthday. It seems to be the year for big, important birthdays around here. First me in March and now him in December.
We had a small gathering of friends to commemorate the occasion. Of course, any gathering must include a fabulous cocktail, a Funky and Delightful trademark I do believe.
Anytime is right for a selection of cheeses: gruyere, brie, gouda, and a layered cotswold/stilton. Add to that some crackers, olives, nuts, hummus, and mini quiche and you've got yourself a party. A birthday party wouldn't be right without birthday cake. Or in this case birthday cupcakes. Staying with tradition my partner requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Birthdays mean every wish is granted but I had to top even that request by making triple chocolate cupcakes. There was chocolate cupcake piped with chocolate ganache topped with dark chocolate shavings. A very rich finish to a wonderful birthday. Happy birthday, dudely!!

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