January 25, 2008

chocolate & pink

Birthdays: a great excuse for eating cupcakes for breakfast. These were made from my favorite Dowd & Rogers gluten-free cake mix and liberally iced with peppermint buttercream frosting. Delicious. There was a minor incident during their preparation. I put them in the oven Wednesday night and then left them on the counter to cool while I headed to the basement to start my Project Runway sew-along project. Apparently the cats like them as much as I do because there were only eleven left when I returned. Little rats.

After last week's outcome I thought some redemption sewing was in order. In spite of my un-hip fabric choice, the wide leg lounge pants were actually quite flattering and incredibly comfortable, so I tackled the pattern again. This time I paired one of my favorite Heather Ross prints with yummy Denyse Schmidt chocolate dots. I didn't have quite enough yardage so I pieced together the two fabrics, using the chocolate dots for a wide cuff and waist band.

All that pink and brown is making my mouth water. I think it's time for another cupcake.

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