January 17, 2008

Project Wednesday

So, who thinks that the above photo is:

(a) My mom headed to a dinner party circa 1975?
(b) Me wearing my mom's clothes from 1975?
(c) My new lounge pants made from one of my recently thrifted sheets?

It all started out so well. Project Runway re-runs were on the TV, my In Stitches was opened to the lounge pants page, I had just unpacked my new and awesome toy (hint: it's the dawn of a new age of crafting around here) and had my awesome Echino print ironed and ready to cut. Then I read the directions (for the first time) only to discover I needed 2.75 yards of fabric rather than the 2 yards that I had purchased (fiddlesticks!) With Tim Gunn in the background encouraging me to "make it work," and happy that I at least got to use fabric rather than candy wrappers, I rummaged through my fabrics to find an appropriately sized piece. This retro forest print is a sheet from my recent thrift store tour of the lower mainland.

I used the hemmed edge as the cuff and cut each leg out as a single piece. Five speedy seams and a package of elastic later (I hate drawstring waists) and I had myself a pair of lounge pants. However, as comfortable as they are, I fear that they may be somewhat, shall we say, un-hip. In fact, my first horror-stricken thought upon seeing myself in a mirror was that they looked like hippie patchwork pants. I'm a little surprised that I am showing them, but alas, here we are. Me in all my un-hip glory..

Lounge pants

Next week I'm making a pincushion. Sigh.


Mortimer's Mom said...

ahum.... A for effort!
the print is... a tad.... much?

fiona said...

absolutly hip!i love them, wear them with pride my dear!