January 3, 2008

Michigan or Bust

It was a big day for Olive and Archie…their first flight! Looking dapper in their scarves they arrived bright and early at Logan Airport. (Though truth be told it was just early as no light is to be found at 5 am!)

After making it through the world’s shortest security line a stop at the Starbucks counter was needed to counteract the effects of rising at 3 am. (Don’t worry, only the adults had caffeine.)

As often happens the flight was delayed. To help pass the time Olive and Archie watched other planes, had a ride on the luggage cart, and caught up on their magazine reading.

Finally, it was flight time! Archie loved the speed of take-off while Olive preferred the roar of the landing.
After deplaning, it was over to the luggage carousel to pick up the suitcases.
For the final leg of their journey a rental car was needed. The driving age in Michigan is sixteen so they pretended to drive while the trunk was loaded.

After such a long and full day a good night’s sleep was in order. (It’s always good to get lots of sleep before seeing the 2 ½ year old Olive and Archie are going to live with!)
Happily, the Lou absolutely loves Olive and Archie. (Or as they are now called…Baby and Boy. Here they are pre-construction.) As she pulled them out of the box she was giggling joyously. Quickly their heads were on pillows and blankets were pulled to chins. Looking seriously around the room we were warned, “Shhh, babies are sleeping.” After their naps Olive and Archie were loaded into a new stroller from Nana and rambunctiously careened throughout the house. There were frequent potty stops for Olive and Archie. I had no idea I had constructed dolls with tiny bladders!
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Elise said...

They are even cuter than I remember! Love the scarves and blankets, they are perfect.