January 13, 2008


LinkSuperhero bag
Another new bag - I picked it up during our Funky & Delightful field trip to Craftland last month. It was made by Michael Wherley but I couldn't find a link. This weekend was busy; I really needed to channel my super powers to get everything done. I took down the Christmas tree (yes, I always wait until mid-January, but it doesn't go up until the weekend before Christmas so I feel no shame). Saturday involved a Funky & Delightful road trip that included a stop at IKEA where much goodness was purchased, including additional fabric storage solutions for me. We also made another significant purchase, but we'll wait until we have all the goods in hand before we reveal them. Let's just say we hope they will do for our crafting what the Batmobile does for crime fighting.

My brother and I saw I Am Legend when I was home. He is a huge Sci-Fi/fantasy fan and clued me into the fact that the original story is very different from the new movie version. I was intrigued so I picked up a copy at the used bookstore and started reading it Saturday night before going to bed. Very, very bad idea. End of the world, last man on earth holed up in his fortress-like house while vampires howl outside = nightmares. Good book when read by daylight but I am banning it from the nightstand.

School starts again for me tomorrow, providing the huge snowstorm that is currently predicted doesn't cause class to be canceled. I'm already looking forward to my Wednesday night Project Runway sew-along.

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