January 13, 2008

You Be The Judge

This is my very boring lampshade on my very cool lamp base. It needs help.
With two widths of green grosgrain ribbon and a handful of paperclips I’ve done two mockups of how the lampshade might look. The one on the left is a simple arrangement of thin zigzags with the top and bottom of the shade finished with the wider ribbon. The one on the right is a random arrangement of horizontal stripes using both ribbon widths.
Finally, there is the fabric option. Using a favorite Joel Dewberry print, Sunburst, in what has oddly become a favorite color, pink, I’ve simply banded the middle.
Now for the hard part, making a decision. To put it all in context the lamp sits on a table behind my cream colored couch that will soon wear my big dot pillows. Which option would you choose?


amanda said...

i like the fabric! :)

Lola...again said...

The fabric wins for me!

Mandi said...

Ooh, I'm torn! I love the fabric, but I'm diggin' the horizontal stripes too ;-) I think it'll look great no matter what you do!