March 2, 2008


The picture says it all: it was a fun weekend. This morning Tory and I visited with the lovely Tricia and her daughter and two nieces. We had a girls only tea party complete with a variety of sweets, big and little tea sets and lots of interesting conversation. We learned a lot about fairies (they're real, you know) from the resident six-year old including the finer points of using strawberry stems for fairy fashion. Hula skirts and crowns are apparently typical fairy attire. The Project Runway designers have nothing on these girls.
And I finally found a use for all that snow. We tried out a method for cleaning carpets suggested by my mother-in-law. She told us to lay them out on fresh snow and walk on them and they would be like new. I'll be honest, I was pretty skeptical about this one but since H. was willing to do the leg work (sorry) I went along with it. It worked! All the dirt and cat hair was left behind in the snow and the carpet looked clean and fresh. So much easier than trying to shake out the dust. Give it a try, you'll be amazed and delighted.

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