March 1, 2008

Project Runner

My partner, normally very supportive of my crafting adventures, became a bit irritated that the big piece of patchwork I'd put together for the big dot pillows was destined to be cut up. It seems he thought it was to become a runner for our kitchen table. I can see how he became a bit confused. While still a work in progress the newly pieced fabric did indeed live on the table for an extended period of time while craft fair projects were in the works. Honestly, the table did need something more than our pot of rosemary to perk it up. With plenty more fabric scraps used in the big dot pillows I knew I could whip up a runner.

I wanted the patchwork to be the border so I just needed to figure out the measurements for the top piece and backing. With that done I set about making an enourmous strip of patchwork double the width of the intended borders. Once finished I cut the patchwork into strips for the sides and ends and attached to my center panel. I lined the runner with flannel for a bit of weight and backed with a cotton.


I'm quite pleased with the results and so is the dudely. He does find it odd that I'd place the runner between us at the table. However, that is purely practical. It means we have to fling the food farther to stain the runner. And believe me that is important with him at the table. He once flung lobster onto the back of my cream couch.

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