March 17, 2008

I Won!

I am so beside myself with excitement I don't even know where to begin. Deep breath. Ok, let's start at the beginning. Hopefully most of this will sound something like English.

A few weeks ago I was dropping in on some favorite blog reads. This included a stop by Anna Maria's to see what was new. New to me was a teaser for a CraftSanity interview and fabric giveaway. Fabric giveaway? I'll happily be a contestant in that game so over to CraftSanity I went. And thank goodness I did. I had a mere 10 minutes to enter the contest. Entry was simple...ask Anna Maria a question. Two minutes of thought and suddenly a question popped into my head and right out my rapidly moving fingers. The four winners would be revealed by having their question asked during the interview.

Fast forward to today. I had planned a very relaxing evening for myself: a few hours of sewing while listening to the latest CraftSanity podcast, an interview with Anna Maria Horner, followed by some blog posting and blog reading. Yes, a perfect Monday night that was about to become unbelievable.

Just as my back was starting to tell me I needed to take a break question #4 was posed to Anna Maria....from Massachusetts. I don't think I would have believed it if my dudely hadn't just come in the room and heard the exact same thing my ears did. Wow! And that is an understatement. It was Christmas, my birthday, and summer vacation all rolled into one. My question, my little question, was being asked of Anna Maria! I was happily jumping up and down in the studio/den/guest room. (Not the kitchen Jennifer and Anna Maria!) I listened to the answer and the wrap-up and that's when it hit me. I'm getting my very own stash of Drawing Room!

I can't say it enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! To Jennifer for letting the crafting world eavesdrop on her conversations with such amazing people. To Anna Maria for sharing such amazing pieces of herself with us.


Anna Maria said...

YAY you!
thanks for all the nice words.
xoxoxo,Anna Maria

Tara said...

So what did you ask and what was her answer?

Congrats, by the way!