March 19, 2008

No. 3

They say the third time is the charm. In this case the third pair is mine.

Lounge Pants 1

My first pair of wide-leg lounge pants, and clothing for that matter, was made nearly a year ago as a Mother's Day gift for my sister. As spring was in the air and summer was knocking on the door these were made to be capri length. The only other change made to the pattern was using the prettiest, palest yellow bias tape at the hem. My sister loved them and that is no small feat. The women in my family take lounge wear very seriously. After having worn them one night she did offer this bit of advice though. With a two year old running about who pulls at your pants when she wants to be picked up some elastic, in addition to the drawstring, would be a really good thing. Duly noted.

Wide Leg Lounge Pants 2

The second pair of wide-leg lounge pants came a month later. These pants were sent off to my good college friend, K, for her 30th birthday. I heeded my sister's advice and added some elastic to the waistband. I also played around a bit with the hem. I added a cuff and sandwiched bias tape between the cuff and the pant leg for a nice bit of contrast. A very fashionable finish for lounge pants featuring fashionable shopping ladies.

Lounge Pants 3

Now we jump forward to March 2008, the month where I'm willing spring into being through my sewing projects. The spring bags don't seem to have produced days in the 60's with bright sunshine. At best the sun has been intermittent with days in the 40's. Time for another nudge, my own capri length wide-leg lounge pants. What can be more appropriate than numbers? Perhaps they represent the inches of snow, the days of winter, the days until spring, the inches of April showers yet to come. (Actually, I just like numbers.)

At least when spring does finally arrive I'll be well prepared. I'll also be well dressed for some hours spent lounging in front of the sewing machine. Hopefully the windows will be open and a crisp, refreshing spring breeze will be filling the room.

All fabrics are from Alexander Henry. The wide-leg lounge pants pattern can be found in Amy Butler's In Stitches.

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