March 13, 2008

Lamp Revamp

Remember the lamp shade mock-ups from (gasp) two months ago? At long last the finished product is revealed.

Lamp Revamp - Complete

I decided to go with the grograin ribbons. Although I liked the band of Joel fabric I'm reserving that for another use that's nibbling at the back of my mind. I attached the ribbons to the shade using craft bond, a truly indispensable craft supply. No shades to embellish? Well, you'll love it if you're making covered buttons. Craft bond provides that extra hand you always wish you had when trying to get fabric neatly around that little metal dome.

Am I happy with the result? For now. I'm feeling the itch to do a bit of re-decorating in the living room. The big project brewing involves a wall, paint, and lots and lots of tape. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of that one. I do know one would make a fantastic before and after if I can pull it off.

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