March 15, 2008

Your Kids Need This

I may have mentioned my absolute, undying love for Barenaked Ladies in the past. Well, they sent me the most wonderful news last week. Yes, they regularly send me updates about what's going on in their lives. I choose to ignore the fact that other people receive them, too.

Now drumroll, please, Tyler.

BNL is set to release a new album on May 6. Mark it in your calendars. Take a day off work if necessary. You'll want to be the first on your block to have this. This release marks a dramatic departure from past work. It's a kids album!

Snack Time

It arrives just in time for Little Miss Lou's 3rd birthday so you know what will be part of her gift. There was a period of time where Lou and Nana liked to rock out to Intermittently together. I'm just nurturing this next generation's love of BNL, you see. To ensure the appropriateness of the material for 3 year old consumption, though, I will have to get a copy. Purely research, of course.


Mortimer's Mom said...

oh my god! Please pleae tell me they will tour this album! Because rocking to Dan Zanes in Vermont was fun, but can you IMAGINE rocking to BNL with my kids? Of course, for research purposes, you are very welcomed to drive up and come along. For research purposes....

varenia said...

I completely agree with the previous poster! I'm a crazy BNL fan, and can't imagine how great it would be to boogie with the kiddos, to a kids album nonetheless! I can't wait for this to drop! Good to know I'm not the only BNL-fanatic-mama out there, hehehe :)

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I love the BNL - I stumbled into a concert of theirs at Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle. Had never heard of them - thought they were going to be a band I had to sit through, while waiting for the group I really came to hear and ended up enjoying their concert more than the mainshow. ;)

I'm thinking I need to introduce my sister and my niece to the BNL. :)