April 25, 2008

In season: blooms and bags

Ah, it feels like Spring is really, truly here. The back garden has started to bloom with flowers that I didn't even plant and have somehow evaded the greedy bulb-eating squirrels. They look so delicate but are very hardy. I've lived here four years and they keep coming back. I'm always so delighted to see them pop up, they seem like little miracles because I definitely do not have a green thumb. One of my colleagues is splitting some plants and offered to give me some. My first question was "Do they need to be watered?" She looked incredulous and replied "Yes, Elise. All plants need to be watered." Hmm, maybe that's my problem? The whole watering thing has always seemed so daunting.
Here's a beauty that doesn't need any tending. I've been hoarding this piece of Freshcut for quite a while and finally managed to cut into it. I had barely snipped the last thread before I filled it with my daily essentials and put it to use. See it sagging under the weight?
These twin tulips are my favorites this year. Just lovely.
Spring bagSpeaking of pairs, here's my second new spring bag. Yes, last Friday night was a late one (2 am to be specific). I actually made three Frenchy shoulder bags, but one was a repeat at the request of a dear friend. I have been intending to build up a stock of bags, scarves and little softies so that I'll be gift-ready like Tory, but so far the gift closet remains bare while my wardrobe bulges. I've definitely honed my technique on this last trio, so I'm sure there will be more to come. But first there's the small issue of a baby shower next weekend and a pair of gifts that need to see the light of day by then. Stay tuned.

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Caitlin said...

I love those purses, they're way too cute!