April 22, 2008

Washed and Ready

I finally made my fabric choices. After two previous (and failed I might add) attempts last week to pick fabrics I've managed to purchase the perfect fabrics for the Hop, Skip, & A Jump quilt.

Hop, Skip & A Jump Fabrics

With that all important first step out of the way I was able to officially start my quilt on the weekend. Saturday found me up early washing and ironing the fabric so that the rest of the day could be spent enjoying a long awaited spring girls' day out. Then on Sunday I could be found stooped over my kitchen table cutting 96 assorted fabric strips for assembly into 12 quilt blocks. It certainly required more cutting skill and patience than I thought might be needed to produce such random shaped strips. I guess that is the genius behind Denyse Schmidt's modern quilt marvels.

Now my goal for the week is a completed quilt top. If I can manage that I'll breathe a little easier. But only momentarily....like Elise I need to both start and finish gifts for a baby shower. The craft list is never ending. Thankfully I like this sewing thing.

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