May 27, 2008

Stitching time

Cute, aren't they? I've decided that embroidery is the perfect take-along craft: all the supplies fit into a zip-lock bag and scissors are the only equipment required. Plus, assuming you pack enough fabric, it can keep you endlessly occupied. These four Stitchettes were completed during my recent trip. The umbrella and gardening girls were done on cotton sateen and the fishing and skateboarding girls on linen. It was my first experience embroidering on linen and I was surprised how much I liked both the look and feel of it. My linen came from a dress that I got for $5 at the Salvation Army last summer. I've found thrift stores to be a great source for affordable linen; this particular dress also yielded enough fabric to make two smocks. Next up, the Tulip Fairy.

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