May 26, 2008

Big beyond belief

Tory kindly loaned me her new Birdie Sling pattern while she's away for a few days. Very sweet of her considering she hasn't yet had a chance to use it. So yesterday I dug out a linen/cotton print from Superbuzzy that I've been saving for a bag and set to work. The construction is similar to the Frenchy bag but simpler to put together, in my opinion. Perhaps because it's so much bigger and easier to work with or maybe it's just my perspective after having made a half dozen of the Frenchy Bags. Either way, it took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 hours to complete it. The only thing I might do differently the next time is add extra interfacing to the band segment. The pattern recommended this for heavier weight fabrics but I decided I didn't need it. After I was done I realized it would have helped and possibly prevented some of the wrinkling you seen when it's hanging on my arm.
And it is BIG, my friends. The photo on the pattern is deceiving, I thought it would be a little bigger than a Frenchy bag, but you could possibly fit a small French toddler in this bag.
bag in chair
It's so big it would require it's own seat at a restaurant.
green sandals
I tried to take a photo of it with my new green sandals ($50 at Nordstrom - score!) using the timer on my camera and couldn't get us all in the same frame (or in focus, apparently). The size is actually perfect for what I wanted: I can fit my school binder and my big camera inside at the same time. Now, if you'll excuse us, my new big beautiful bag and I are going out to get a Matcha Green Tea Freddo.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I just finished making this bag too...

Ruth said...
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Ruth said...

Your birdie sling looks great! I made my smaller than the pattern and it's still big.