June 18, 2008

A First

Sewing is my craft of choice. However, it is fairly limited by where you can easily take it. A friend’s house for the day is not a problem but vacationing in a Berkshires cabin for a week is a problem. For that reason I decided I needed to work on developing some skills in the mobile crafting area.

Embroidery seemed like the perfect option to explore. A small hoop, collection of threads, small scissors, fabric pieces, and a needle can all easily fit in a small drawstring bag. It then very nicely tucks into those last remaining inches of your suitcase. So it was that last fall I picked up Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching book. During that glorious week in the Berkshires last September I read the book and embarked on my first embroidery project, a simple car.

I lightly traced it onto my fabric in pencil and placed it into my hoop. I decided to keep it simple, mostly using the backstitch, so I could get my rhythm and spacing down. In went the light yellow headlight, then the orange outline, and finally the black tires. It was there that the project sat in limbo for many, many months. (I did mention the glorious week, right?)

First Embroidery

Recently I dug out the piece and added the bumpers thus officially completing my first embroidery project. I think I am going to turn it into an oh-so-funky-and-delightful car air freshener filled with dried lavender. I’m hoping the presence of lavender in the car during the commute will have a calming effect on me. Realistically, my car will just smell nice as the impatient person waiting to make a left hand turn out of the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot pulls out in front of me, steaming coffee and cell phone in hand. Hmm, maybe I should make one for their car, too? It’s good to spread the calm.


Michele A. said...

Cute! Embroidery is one of my mobile projects too. This makes me want to break out my floss right now though!

Karen said...

This made me think of the red Volkswagon that I embroidered on the back of a denim jacket for my son when he was about 5 years old. He loved that jacket, wore it all the time. He was so proud that his Mom had "emboidered" it for him. That was so many years ago. Thanks for the memory!