July 7, 2008


beach blanket
Can you guess where I've been this weekend? And what I was doing for the three hours immediately prior to getting in the car to go away on said weekend trip? Seriously, I got up at 6 am Saturday morning to put the binding on my new beach blanket and had exactly ten minutes to pack by the time I finished. But hey, it's the beach, what did I really need?

I managed to put a satisfying dent into my stash of Freshcut for this project, which was inspired by these wonderful Soulemama creations. The finished blanket measures about 60 x 72 inches but I think 72 inches square would have been even better, it was on the narrow side for two adults and all our stuff. It's backed with utility canvas which was inexpensive and seems to be a good weight for a beach/picnic blanket. I didn't use batting or quilt it, just joined the front and back with a machine stitched binding. I put some pockets on the corners to put rocks in to weight it down in the wind as suggested by Soulemama and they turned out to be convenient places to stash sunscreen and those other small items that are hard to keep track of.

With grains of Maine sand still clinging to it, my blanket is now safely stowed in the beach bag with the towels and sunscreen, ready for the next trip. Ah yes, the beach.


Caitlin said...

Oh it's lovely! Do you live in Maine then? I was born there. :)

Kay Snyder said...

Oh I love it and I have tons and I mean tons of canvas leftover from my mei tai making days...new projects being sewn in my head as I type ;)

coryshay said...

so pretty!