July 17, 2008

So, you think you can sew?

Wednesday night television used to be so easy. In the summers there was So, you think you can dance? which is best enjoyed while laying flat on the sofa with the air conditioning on and a Gaga's SherBetter bar in one's hand. Fall brought anticipation of the new season of Project Runway and late nights in my craft room hiding out from the hockey game that always seemed to run concurrently. And so it went for two years, one leading into the other with just enough of a break in between to make me really miss each show. The natural cycle of television, perfect in it's simplicity.

Well, imagine my horror when I realized that the Project Runway Season 5 premiere started right in the middle of SYTYCD last night? Tim Gunn, how could you do this to me? You of all people should realize how important it is to see something through, to not get distracted in the middle of a project. I was committed to SYTYCD: my freezer is full of ice cream bars and I've negotiated rights to the couch on Wednesdays for rest of the summer. How could you tempt me with your wacky tattooed designers and another grocery store challenge?

Well, if I've learned anything from the first four seasons it's how to make it work when a wrench is thrown into the works. I missed half of the dancing, had to have an extra snack of gluten-free pretzels and fell asleep during the runway show, but by golly I managed to pull it together in time to see Heidi crown the winner and bid auf wiederzen to the unlucky loser. Next week I might even manage to revive Project Wednesdays* and have something more than a crick in my neck to show for my evening's efforts.

*Speaking of which, Sarah from Pretty Bird Press has taken up the Project Wednesday banner (go Sarah!). Head on over there and keep her accountable, won't you?

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Sarah said...

Yay for Project Wednesday! Thanks Elise...now have a little push to complete a project every week.

Take care.